We Bless the LORD God for His Favor.

Homeland Disciples is a 501(c)(3) not for profit ministry

Unfortunately, not many ministries can exist without financial support, and we are no different. Yes, this is God's Ministry, and yes, we believe God will supply. But we also understand from years of being involved with Missions and Ministry, that it is The Church (you) that holds the resources He has provided.

This is how you can help:
    A $250 donation can provide non-perishable food items for 35 people.
    A $400 donation can provide the ingredients and supplies for 320 bag lunches.
    A $160 donation can provide hot meals for 50 people.
    A $160 donation can provide storage for food and clothing for 1 month.
    A $60 donation can provide diapers and pull-ups for 14 families per month.
    A $350 donation can help us with our general operating costs per month.

    Your donations will be utilized solely for the purpose of helping others (we are not included).

We have chosen to use the on-line services of Square and PayPal for those of you who wish to make donations by credit card. And we would still like to offer those of you that may prefer writing a check, to have that option as well. You may send us a check to the following address. We will advise you via return email that your donation was received, as long as you include your email address.

Homeland Disciples - PO Box 15103 - Chesapeake, Virginia 23328

If you choose to send us a donation, your gift will be utilized solely for the purpose of helping others (ourselves not included).

We thank you in advance for your consideration and ask that you continue with us in prayer for God's continued direction.

Click either the "Square" or "PayPal" buttons below and we'll safely get you over to make your donation. And thank you or your kindness and generosity.


If you chose to donate we thank you.

If you just passed through, we ask your future consideration.

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